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A website is an important asset that every business should have. They are essential in creating an online presence, building credibility, and generating sales. Businesses without a website or with a poorly designed and optimized website are losing an astronomical amount of money! Yikes… Luckily, we can fix those problems!

Our web designs are innovative, appealing, and properly optimized to give you a significant advantage over your competitors. Best of all, all of our designs are catered to your brand and specifications! Let us create an asset that is a direct reflection of the quality product or service that you provide! Don’t get left behind by your competitors! 

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Responsive Design

“Responsive design” refers to transforming a website from its original look and converting it to be sized proportionately to a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Simply put, the original website design is resized, and the layout is changed so that it can be seen properly on other smaller devices. Responsive design gives users a much better viewing experience because it eliminates the need to “pinch” the screen to zoom in or out and scroll left and right to read content.

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Why Is Responsive Design Important?

According to a study by Google, content is more likely to be consumed on a smartphone, even if a desktop or laptop is present. They have become the primary source of how people search for and obtain local information.

In other words, if a potential customer is searching for a product or service that you offer, and your website is not mobile friendly, it is more likely that person will abandon your site because it will not offer them a pleasant viewing experience.